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Saturday, April 15, 2006 

Aqua Fitness, Aqua Gym or Aqua Aerobics

It’s been said times and times again: diet without exercising means nothing! As many of you I am one of the persons who don’t really want to go to gym or exercise though I have some equipment at home. But, I love water. And when I’ve first heard about aqua fitness (or aqua gym or aqua aerobics) I said “this is it!”.

But what is aqua fitness? Aqua fitness combines aerobics with fitness and water massage. The entire set of exercises takes place is the pool. You can improve cardiovascular condition, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, not to mention you will loose weight. You will be given a flotation belt (if the pool is deep) and a trainer will take care of everything, from simple exercises to very complex ones. The resistance of water creates the opportunity to manipulate the intensity of exercising depending on your goals. And most of all: you don’t need to know to swim!

Have you tried aqua fitness, would you try it? Share your experiences with us.


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