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Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Exercises for Day 4

Day 4: Hamstring flexion (you need a Swiss ball to do it), chest press with dumbbells, dumbbell oblique

Hamstring flexion

In the starting position, you should lie flat on your back with a Swiss ball under your heels. Your arms should be straight out to your side for support. Keeping your feet flexed, dig your heels into the Swiss ball. When you exhale roll the ball in towards your body using your heels. Then, when you inhale slowly return to the start position. By any means, don’t use your arms and keep the hips on the floor. The exercise works the gluts and the hamstrings.

Chest press with dumbbells

In the start position, you should lie on the bench with the feet flat on the floor, while your arms should be extended upward, holding the dumbbells. When you inhale, lower the dumbbells to the chest level by bending the elbows and rotating the forearms to bring the hands so that the palms face the legs. When you exhale, press the dumbbells back up until the arms are straight. Then lower the arms and repeat the exercise. The exercise works the triceps and the chest.

Dumbbell oblique

When you begin you should stand with the feet shoulder width apart and hold the dumbbells. Your knees should be slightly bent. When you exhale you should bend the trunk to the left to a comfortable position and hold for 2-3 seconds. When you inhale, return to the starting position and then repeat on the right side. The exercise works the oblique.


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