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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

Fitness Plan for a Week

Maybe you are one of the persons who really want to start exercising but have no idea where to start from or how much time you’d daily. The good news is that 10-15 minutes a day are enough to jumpstart your fitness. OK, now what to do in 10-15 minutes? First of all, don’t forget to stretch and do some cardio for warm up.

Now that you are prepared, here is a short plan for 6 days, while in the seventh day you can choose what exercises to do or if you want to do them (you can go out for a long walk with that special someone instead).

Day 1: Crunches, modified push-ups (“girly” push-ups), forward lunges

Day 2: Calf extensions, lumbar extensions, bicep curl

Day 3: Reverse crunches, rows with dumbbells, leg raises

Day 4: Hamstring flexion (you need a Swiss ball to do it), chest press with dumbbells, dumbbell oblique

Day 5: Elbow to knee, calf extensions, tricep kickback

Day 6: Plank hold, body weight squats, lateral deltoid raise.

Most of them sound familiar, right? Anyway, I will detail them in the next posts (exercises for a day in each post). Please ask any questions and also tell us what your favorite exercises are.


Take Good Care of Yourself