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Friday, April 21, 2006 

Little Help around the Web

Sometimes we believe we are eating healthy but in fact we are not. For example, when I started tracking my food intake I was below the minimum calories needed for the body (in my case 1200 calories) but ate too much salt (in processed food). Then, I started monitoring the salt and fibers and the best I did in keeping them within the range, the pounds started to come off. Of course, mixed with exercises!

First of all when you start making such changes you need to prevent temptations. Do a “kitchen inspection” and throw away anything that’s not healthy and replace it with healthy food. Always eat breakfast and don’t skip lunches as well. If you are at work take a healthy snack with you.

Helpful sites that will teach you how to monitor your food intake:

http://www.sparkpeople.com/ , a free community where you can find a lot of helpful tools.

http://www.mypyramid.gov/ helps you calculate if you ate properly based on the food pyramid.


Take Good Care of Yourself