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Sunday, April 23, 2006 

Water and Weight Loss

All of us have tried a diet before deciding to change our life style. And what do all diets have in common? Drinking at least 8 glasses (that is 64 ounces) of water a day! Why? Because water helps the food to assimilate better and also assists digestion. Water also assists excretion of waste from the body, while during exercising it regulates the body’s temperature. Also important to know: when you feel hungry, first drink a glass of water. Changes are you are thirsty but your body can’t distinguish between hunger and thirst. This is children are always thirsty. They still can make that distinction.

There are a lot of types of water to choose from: tap water, mineral water, spring water, fitness water and many more. It’s advisable to get a water filter that you can attack to the sink faucet. It blocks several elements from tap water, such as chlorine, zinc, lead and copper.


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