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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

7 Exercises to Work the Entire Body –Part 2

We continue with the rest of the exercises:

4. Crunches with Swiss ball

If you are using a Swiss ball, the crunches will have a little kick added to them. In the start position you should sit on the Swiss ball, with the feet in front of you on the ground and the knees bent at 90 degrees. Lie on the ball until the back covers the ball. Place your hands on the head, but not behind the head (just like when you do “normal crunches”). Then come up until the body is at 45 degrees with the ball. Release and go back, repeat for 10-15 times. The exercise works the abs.

5. Reverse flies with Swiss ball and dumbbells

The exercise works the shoulders and the upper back. Sit on the top of the Swiss ball, holding the dumbbells to your side, with the palms inward. Stay with the feet on the ground, bent at 90 degrees and lean over until the chest is close to the legs. Then raise your hands up until they are perpendicular to the ground and even with the shoulders. Bring then down and repeat for 10-12 times.

6. Lateral deltoid raises with dumbbell

The exercise works the shoulders and arms. Please see blog “Exercises for Day 6” posted on Monday, May 01, 2006 for details about the exercise.

7. Push-ups with Swiss ball

The exercise works the chest. Start in a push-ups position but put the Swiss ball under the knees. Then push up until the arms are straight. Lower and then repeat for 10-15 times.


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