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Sunday, May 07, 2006 

Avoiding the Weight Loss Mistakes (First 3 Mistakes)

Probably you’ve started eating healthier and exercising some time ago but you still can’t see any results. Before you get frustrated and decide to give up, please read on in order to avoid the most common weight loss mistakes.

Mistake 1: Fast is not good

Many dieters expect to see fast results and in a short period of time. But, loosing weight healthy is not about loosing weight fast. Doctors recommend that a healthy weight loss should be between ½ pound and 2 pounds per week. So, please stay away from those diets who promise you’ll be loosing weight in no time.

Mistake 2: You and I are totally different

While I, for example, lost weight every week since I started eating healthier and exercising, you might have not. Don’t worry. For some people it takes weeks before the body adjusts to the new life style.

Mistake 3: You won’t loose the same amount of weight each week

If for example during the first week you lost 2 pounds, don’t be surprise if during the second one you’ll loose only one pound. I am a good example. During the first 2 weeks I’ve lost 2.2 pounds each week, while during the third week I only lost 1 pound. So instead of jumping on the scale very week (or worse, every day), try to weigh in once a month! Then you’ll see some accurate results.

To be continued…


Take Good Care of Yourself