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Thursday, May 18, 2006 

Exercises for Future Brides-Sweetheart Neckline Dresses

For the future brides who choose the sweetheart neckline wedding dress, it’s important to know that this style of dress shows your chest muscles. Those muscles are: Anterior deltoid and Pectoralis major. To work those muscles the following exercises are the best. Try to complete each set of each exercises without breaks, than take a break of 30-60 seconds and continue. Please keep in mind that the exercises should be done exactly in the following order.

1. Close-Grip Bench Press

To do this exercise you’ll need a body bar and a bench (or aerobics step). In the start position, you should lie on the back on the bench with the feet flat on the floor. Hold the body bar with the arms straight up towards the ceiling. When you inhale, bend the elbows to 90 degrees and lower the body bar towards the chest, while when you exhale extend the arms back to the start position. Do 8-12 reps. The exercise works the chest.

2. Incline Dumbbell Flys

To do this exercise you need a set of dumbbells and an adjustable bench (or a Swiss ball). First, adjust the bench to an incline of about 30-45 degrees. Then site on the edge of the bench and grasp the dumbbells. As you lift the dumbbells to the shoulders level, lie on the bench and then lift your arms straight up above the chest. When you inhale, lower the weights towards the floor and stop when the arms form a T with the body, while when you exhale return to the start position. Do 8-12 reps. The exercise works the chest.

3. Pushup on Stability Ball

To do this exercise you need a stability ball (Swiss ball). Place your midsection on the ball and then roll forward so that your hands reach the floor. Walk on the hands until the ball is under your knees and then move the hands shoulder width apart. When you inhale, lower the body by bending the elbows at 90 degrees, while when you inhale return to the start position. Do 5-12 reps or as much as you can. The exercise works the triceps and chest.


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