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Thursday, May 11, 2006 

Power Foods

The power foods are dense in nutrients. The fuel the body correctly and efficiently and power the brain. They enhance the immune system and fight infections. They also protect against certain disease such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, certain cancers and respiratory infections. So, it’s very wise to include them in your meals and snacks.

You can choose from: peppers (red, orange, yellow), romaine lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, onions, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, red grapefruit, apples, red grapes, melons, oranges, prunes, berries, milk (skim or 1%), yogurt (low fat) with active cultures, fresh fish, tuna, salmon, eggs, beef (lean meat), pork (lean meat), brown rice, 100% whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, dark chocolate and green tea.


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