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Friday, May 05, 2006 

Smart Nutrition Plan

When we think of weigh loss most of us think about diets. And a diet is always boring: you can’t eat …well almost anything. We can just go and graze with the cattle. And of course all we can think about when “dieting” is mountains of lettuce. Well, a diet, in fact a nutrition plan shouldn’t be like that. If you want to loose weight you don’t have to eat mountains of lettuce and starve yourself to death.

There are several keys to a smart nutrition plan. First you need to control your food portions. You can eat a serving of chicken noodle soup but 3 servings are way too much. Then learn to make smart substitutions. Instead of using the mayo for a sandwich why don’t you start using mustard? You save about 80 calories and probably you’ll like your sandwich best this way. Learn to eat power foods. Power food contains high fiber, high protein and low calories and can give you a boost for the entire day. These include whole-wheat cereals and most of the veggies. Then, watch your eating habits. If you eat in front of the TV you are bound to eat at least twice than necessarily. Prepare the food and then savor it in a relaxing mood.


Take Good Care of Yourself