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Thursday, May 25, 2006 

Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss

Many People are now trying a raw food diet and finding that it can help dramatically in the war against extra weight as well as helping cure other ills.

The idea of the diet is to only eat foods that have never been heated above about 110 degrees so that all the enzymes in the food are intact. Raw fruits and vegetables, unroasted nuts and seeds, naturally dried fruits.

I'm going to post a few 'Uncook Recipes' here, and please everyone, add yours too! The more variety the better!

When I started this, I thought that it might be boring, that I might feel deprived etc. That just isn't so. The raw food tastes so much better! And I feel so much better even after only 5 days eating raw. I decided to go 100% raw to start with, and then when I was used to that to cut down on fat.

Here's what I had for lunch today:
1/2 small avocado mashed with about a teaspoonful of soya sauce. Hal a tomato chopped up a bit and them mashed in with the avocado. Then I added a grated carrot, some chopped raw ginger, 2 mushrooms, a few chopped snap peas and green beans. Mixed everything together. Delicious!

And for desert I chopped up a few dates that I had set to soak last night, added some sliced almonds and half a teaspoonful of raw cocoa powder. Yum!


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