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Sunday, February 19, 2006 

Eat protein to feel full

Eat protein to feel full
A longtime secret of many low carb dieters has been brought into the mainstream: Eat proteins to feel full longer and have more energy. To learn more on this topic, be sure to also read the related article, The Atkins Diet Food Guide Pyramid, Part 6: Health Improvements.

Study Of Obese Diabetics Explains Why Low-Carb Diets Produce Fast Results (Press Release)
A new study by Temple University School of Medicine researchers has shown why the pounds melt so quickly on low-carbohydrate diets, and it's not related to water, metabolism or boredom. The research was conducted in a group of obese patients with type 2 diabetes who followed the Atkins diet. According...

Low glycemic index diets met with praise from healthcare professionals
Scientists have found that including one extra low glycemic index food per meal helps lower blood sugar, thereby slightly lowering the chances of diabetes. The British Dietetic Association warned of over reliance on the diet, since ice cream is also low on the glycemic index. A spokeswoman for the charity...

Low-fat diets eclipse low-carb diets, study says
According to new research, low-fat diets have made a huge comeback, beating out low-carb diets in a new study. If you enjoy this article, you may also be interested in an article entitled 'Atkins diet works better than low-fat diets, especially in men.'

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Take Good Care of Yourself