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Thursday, June 01, 2006 

Be Realistic about Weight Loss

If you are overweight it probably took you a while to get that way.
Probably at one time your weight was fine, then you made some little changes to your life here and there and the pounds began to come on.

Maybe you decided to drive to the stores instead of walking.

Maybe you decided to sit and watch telivision instead of tending your garden.

Maybe your job became more stationary as computers began to be more and more organised to run a business. Why get up to send a fax when an e-mail will be faster? Why go to a coleagues office when an email is so easy!

And maybe while you were sitting down for longer periods of time you also were snacking more because it was so easy to eat and work.

If something like this has happened to you, then try to figure out the changes that caused the extra fat and try to reverse them as much as possible.

When you were slim, did you play a sport? If so, what could you do now that you would enjoy doing just as much as that while getting a similar amount of exercise?

Can you walk to the shops most of the time?

Can your snacks be non fattening? How about celery, carrot and cucumber slices with a raw yoghurt based dip flavoured in your favourite way?

Think about things for a while. Think of one thing you can do to either get more exercise or to eat healthy but less fattening foods that you can still enjoy to replace the high starch and fat snacks that are so prevalent like potato or corn chips.

Then, most important of all! Just do it!


Take Good Care of Yourself