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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Two Weeks on Raw Food Only - 11 pounds lost!

I wasn't expecting such a good result! I had decided to spend a month on a raw food diet before trying to turn it into a weight loss diet.

For now I am eating exactly as much as I want to, and I don't think my exercise has been at a different level from the usual.

Today I've eaten 2 avocadoes, some almond butter, a handful of cashews as well as a lot of fruits including bananas, and salad items.

When I feel like a desert, and I do most days! I'm taking some presoaked dates and mixing them with raw cocoa and a variety of other things. chopped nuts, nut butters, bananas. It tastes very good. I have no desire for the sugar heavy chocolate bars any more. I think my raw ones taste better!

I also feel a lot more energetic in a way that is hard to explain. More alive I think is the best way to describe it.


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