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Monday, June 05, 2006 

Why go Raw?

Because more than 30% of the nutrition in foods is destroyed by cooking.

Enzymes are almost all destroyed once food is heated past 110%

Fresh, raw foods contain huge quantities of enzymes.

Enzymes are needed for all the thousands of chemical reactions in your body. So for optimum health and longevity raw food is the best diet.

Only people and animals that are fed by people eat cooked food. Compare the health of any animal you know that eats cooked vood versus the ones that eat the fresh food nature intended for them. I think you will see that the animals that do not eat cooked food are slimmer, have glossier fur, are more alert and intelligent.

Where I live, there are signs in all the parks asking people not to feed the animals. Of course, everyone ignores them. There are lots of fat not very healthy raccoons in the parks here. They don't look like the healthy raccoons that live in the wilds. I personally think that if people were told to only feed the wild animals in the parks raw foods that a lot of people would be happy to comply with that and we'd have healthier coons.

Well, not much one can do about that, but you can control the food that goes into your body!


Take Good Care of Yourself